Jan 25, 2004

The first thing I will think about when I wake up in the morning, is what to eat for breakfast! I have to cook with fire and boiling water ever since I run out of microwave foods. Partly because I am too lazy to do all the heavy shopping by myself, and partly because I have finally learned how to open up a can. There are many "cream of mushroom soup" cans stored downstairs. It will be a waste if nobody is putting an end to thier boring life.

The second thing will be what to wear. It is important, espically to me. January is cold indoor and outdoor. How to keep warm is just as important as what to eat. Now you can see, I am just a little fellow that loves to enjoy life... and I will make myself as comfortable as I can whenever I am free. Of course, a couple of fluppy slippers and cotton pajamas are always my favourites.

A nice hot shower and brushing my teeth will refresh me to a brand new day. Oh, yeah, I sing in the shower, but not dancing because the place is too small. Test out new toothbrushes is one thing I really enjoy. I select new ones everytime I go to Safeway, and enjoy how they are specially desighned in many different ways. I will know my favourite brush afterwards: the softest one.

After all three things are done, I will come to face the most uncomfortable part of the day: go to school. Highschool is fun, but only if you do all your homework, which is not fun. I have to go wiether I like it or not so the rest of my life will be comfortable. Anyways, to get to school, I have to get on a crowdy bus. There I will take out my walkman, and enjoy in my comfortable musics. ^^

Go go go, it is a brand new day~

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